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The innovative wild boar tusk protection vest for dogs from C&C Hunting has all the valuable features of other seemingly similar products to be found on the market. It has been created by a collaboration between hunting experts, veterinarians, a well-known Italian company, a leader in the production of high-tech fabrics and with the support of a fashion house of excellent design. From this union a product is born that perfectly combines: vision, comfort and maximum protection.

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  • High-tech fabrics - fabric used for the production of body armor - rubberized and aramid twaron, structured in different layers (from 2 to 6) according to the dog's anatomy and need for support. The particular arrangement of the fabric layers, studied in collaboration with veterinary centers, increases protection at the most delicate points, significantly reducing the weight of the finished product. All the materials used inside and outside are certified water repellent, with high resistance to perforation, tearing and abrasion.
  • Optimized design - the model is designed in one piece to have maximum strength and without weak points resulting from the seams under the belly. Allows the dog to breathe freely and allows easy neck movement during the following phases. Allows the vest to always remain close to the body even during running. The protected area includes the entire chest up to the groin area with maximum freedom of movement. The bevel under the abdomen makes the model unisex and dynamic.
  • Maximum fit - through the experience of the designers and from customer suggestions it has been possible to refine the product over the years to ensure the perfect fit and maximum comfort for the dog. Each protective vest is equipped with a velcro strap of about 5 centimeters and an innovative front and back fastening system that allows it to adapt best to the body of any breed of dog, regardless of its size.
  • High visibility - the top is made of orange cording to increase the visibility of the vest and therefore of the dog in the dense part of the forest, both at the end and during the hunt, limiting the possibility of accidental shots.
  • Ballistic test: a 9 mm FMJ Remington bullet (armor-piercing bullet) of 8 gr was used for the fire ballistic test, corresponding to 124 grains. The test was performed on the part of the FPJ vest covering the cardiopulmonary area of the dog, which was structured with the following layers of fabric: 3 layers of 101 RNV + 2 layers of Softsteel 3125WTR + 1 layer of 101 RNV. The bullet impact angle is set at 90°. This point was chosen as it is considered the most critical area where dogs receive 80% of fatal hits. The test result was: a bullet with a velocity of 318 m/s (405 J energy) was stopped by the vest after partially passing through some layers. That is, at this velocity, the vest is not completely penetrated. The vest is completely pierced at an initial velocity V0 of 340 m/s.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I choose the right size for my dog? - In order to determine the size of the dog, it will be necessary to measure the circumference of the chest measured immediately behind the shoulders.

  • Size XXS: 50 - 55 cm chest circumference
  • Size XS: 55 - 60 cm chest circumference
  • Size S: 60 - 65 cm chest circumference
  • Size M: 65 - 70 cm chest circumference
  • Size L: 70 - 75 cm chest circumference
  • Size XL: 75 - 80 cm chest circumference

2. The vest looks short, and doesn't that interfere with the dog's safety?

After years of experience, the length of the vest has been standardized in such a way that it adapts in the best possible way to different breeds of dogs sharing the same chest circumference. The particular design absolutely manages to protect most of the abdomen, known as the more dangerous area. Overall, the length and design are conceived for maximum mobility in the follow and canter phases.

3. The vest is quite cut out, why?

Everything our dogs wear is not natural to them. To make wearing a protective tool natural and not in the way, it is necessary to let the legs and neck move freely, avoiding friction. In fact, any rubbing can cause very painful abrasions for the dog (future vest refusal).

4. Is the vest better with or without a collar? On what basis is it chosen?

Choosing a model with or without a collar depends on the dog's ability to get used to something new and enveloping. It is known that the presence of a collar is one of the most common reasons for refusing to wear one. In the case of the FPJ, a collar with a profile that minimizes discomfort was created. The presence of a collar allows protection of the main veins and arteries in an area considered vital. However, mortality due to neck injuries is less than 10% of the total.

5. What is the fastening of the safety vest?

C&C Hunting is the first company to produce a modular Velcro-only closure system. Specifically, the system consists of three elements: Front cover, Rear cover. Rear Velcro.
Without fixed points as in the case of a zipper closure, this system allows the vest to adapt to the dog's body during different seasons of the year. Usually at the beginning of the hunting season, dogs actually have a greater fat mass, which then gradually decreases. Adapting, therefore, in a millimetric way to the different physical conditions of the dog, this fastening offers a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

6. Is there a risk of the velcro becoming unfastened, getting tangled in the brush?

Absolutely not, if the choice of size is correct and the fastening is done correctly, it is not possible for the velcro to open while hunting. It must be stressed that the velcro type offers very high-quality standards. High tech velcro, guaranteed up to 1000 tears. Furthermore, the velcro is the key element of an innovative fastening system that can adapt to the anatomy of any dog breed (see previous point).

Warning: defending yourself does not mean becoming invincible. Like a seatbelt in a car, a vest has the function of minimizing the risk of injury resulting from potentially fatal attacks by wild animals. A good dog should stay at a distance and avoid physical contact. The vest comes into play when there is no escape route for the dog. Even when wearing it, the dog can suffer accidents (even fatal ones) such as broken ribs, hematomas, etc. and potential future physical limitations.

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Protective body armor for hunting dog without collar FPJ - C&C HUNTING

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