Hunting Flasks

A quality flask is a real convenience for the hunter!

A metal hunting flask is one of the best hunting gifts you can give. Especially when they are as high quality as the ones in the Hunting Shop Favia.

The metal hunting flasks are extremely strong so that the hunter can have peace of mind when wearing them. These are jugs for alcohol, water or any other favorite drink that take up little space and are very light to ensure comfortable carrying during the wild chase.

Here you will find branded hunting flasks. Some of them have a practical and beautiful genuine leather cover, but all have animal and forest decorations that are a joy to the eye of any hunter.


Deerskin flask - 0.17 l (JKR-2503) - JOKER

1687 EUR


Deerskin flask - 0.14 l (JKR-2503) - JOKER

1585 EUR

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