Document cases and wallets - gifts for hunters

A quality hunting wallet means quality protection for your documents!

Even when in the forest, the hunter needs his identity documents, his hunting ticket, money and other valuables. At the same time, it is important that they are well protected from possible rain or snow, from sweat or an accidental impact. That's why special hunting cases and wallets are a gift that any hunter would appreciate. Especially when they are as beautiful and high quality as the ones you will see in the Hunting Store.

The waterproof hunting document cases in our catalog provide the hunter with peace of mind for his personal documents in any extreme conditions. Hunting wallets made of genuine leather have a special thematic decoration and are extremely strong and light. Their size is convenient to carry in any pocket.


Waterproof cordura case (17 x 13,5 CM) - SAG NATURE

358 EUR

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