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The main goal of this product is to waterproof the treated item, reactivating the water repellent treatment normally used on garments.

TRABALDO HUNTING SPRAY is a high quality waterproofer for the treatment of:

a) Clothing: TRABALDO HUNTING SPRAY for hunting is developed for the treatment of hunting textile equipped with or without breathable, technical membrane (Gore-Tex, Sympatex...). Also suitable for useon Polar Fleece, Softshell and other synthetic or cotton fibres.

b) Equipment: in addition to the treatment of clothing TRABALDO HUNTING SPRAY for hunting is very suitable for waterproofing equipment such as bags, gloves and backpacks.

Use: first clean the item that is to be treated with TRABALDO HUNTING SPRAY (hand wash or machine if possible). Hold the spray during the treatment at a distance of about 30 cm in order to have a good covering. The moment the treated product starts to dry wipe off white remnants, if any, with a damp cloth and have everything dry at room temperature. Then the equipment is ready for use.

The product doesn't contain propelllant and/or harmfull fluor carbon, is environmentally friendly and more over developped without the use of laboratory animals.

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Hunting Spray

3062 EUR

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