Fourth generation hunting camcorder SHOTKAM - SAG NATURE


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DESCRIPTION: Introducing the latest model of the fourth generation Shotkam huntingcamcorder. Now you can have everything you want:
- 4k quality
- Zoom: variable or wide-angle
- Battery life: up to 15 hours
- Weight: 196 gr.
- Dimensions: diameter - 2.54 cm; length - 10.16 cm
- Memory: internal 64GB Micro SD card
- Video Recording:Record video in 4K x 60 fps wide-angle (2x Zoom); 2.7K x 120 fps(default) (3x Zoom); 1080p x 120 fps (4x Zoom); 720p x 120 fps (6x Zoom); 540p x120 fps (8x Zoom). The recording setting can be selected in the "ShotKam" mobileapp. ShotKam has an accelerometer that registers forces and records when shot, oralternatively can record in continuous mode. After the shot, ShotKam startsrecording video through a memory buffer. If the accelerometer registers recoil, savethe video to the memory card. If there is no recoil, the video is discarded. All copies,real or replayed, captured within 6 seconds of each other will be saved as the samevideo.
- Video format: Mp4
- Wi-Fi: integrated with 4 times the speed to connect the ShotKam app to youriPad/tablet/smartphone. ShotKam's Wi-Fi app includes Wi-Fi network options on yourphone. You can instantly share your photos on social media directly from your phone.- WATERPROOF: ShotKam is 100% weatherproof when the back cap is inserted tocover the USB port. ShotKam works seamlessly in rain or accidental wetting whilehunting, but cannot be used for underwater sports.
- MOUNTING SYSTEMS: A 12 gauge mounting bracket is included with ShotKam. Itcan be attached to any bolt action, semi-automatic or pump action rifle. Optionalclamps are available: 20 Ga, 28 Ga, 410 or 12 Ga
- MATERIAL: The material of the ShotKam and mounting hardware is aluminum
- TARGET SETTINGS (ADJUSTABLE): - Holds 2 seconds before firing, 1 second afterfiring; Sleep mode: after 20 seconds of inactivity.
ShotKam can be charged via USB port. A USB cable that you can plug into a computer, carcharger, or wall adapter (like a cell phone wall adapter) is included. The USB cable willconvert the input to the correct voltage so it can be used internationally. A steady red LEDindicates full charge (takes approximately 2 hours). Battery replacement must be done atthe manufacturer's shop.
Made in the USA.

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Fourth generation hunting camcorder SHOTKAM - SAG NATURE

87942 EUR

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