from 36 EUR to 142 EUR
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Tactical long-sleeved shirts.

from 40 EUR to 79 EUR
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Camouflage clothing

from 28 EUR to 148 EUR
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Heated clothes

from 39 EUR to 161 EUR
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Thermal mats

from 53 EUR to 71 EUR
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from 62 EUR to 246 EUR
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Shoe accessories

from 15 EUR to 107 EUR
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Video cameras

from 879 EUR
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Hunting coats

from 49 EUR to 347 EUR
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Hunting clothes for children

Hunting clothes for children

from 41 EUR to 85 EUR
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Hunting Jackets.

Hunting jackets

In our catalog, you will find waterproof, breathable, camouflage jackets that are among the highest quality hunting clothes on the market. They will provide you with comfort and protection in bad weather conditions.

from 25 EUR to 834 EUR
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Hunting vests

These hunting clothes provide additional comfort – they keep your back warm and protected from the wind, while also featuring extra pockets for small items you want to keep close at hand.

from 20 EUR to 391 EUR
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Hunting Pants.

Hunting pants

The quality of hunting pants is extremely important. You will find models for both summer and winter, with various camouflage patterns, waterproof, breathable, and stretchy materials

from 17 EUR to 462 EUR
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Short sleeved T-shirts

Wearing breathable hunting clothing is incredibly important – it wicks away sweat, keeping your body dry and warm. The models here are specially designed for hunting, in appropriate colors and comfortable designs.

from 12 EUR to 139 EUR
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Shirts for hunters.

Among your hunting attire, you can also add a comfortable shirt. We offer hunting shirts with reinforced and waterproof sleeves.

from 16 EUR to 117 EUR
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Thermal underwear for hunters.

Thermal underwear significantly enhances body protection and overall experience when spending long hours outdoors. We offer high-quality, carefully selected thermal underwear for hunting, suitable even for the harshest conditions.

from 37 EUR to 150 EUR
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Sweaters for hunting

Fleeces and sweaters

Polar jackets are on the mandatory list of winter hunting clothing. They are warm and simultaneously breathable, which makes them indispensable even during the cool transitional seasons. In a Hunting store, you will find quality models tailored to the specifics of hunting.

from 30 EUR to 318 EUR
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Hunting gloves.

Hunting gloves provide maximum protection for your hands in cold weather and convenience for shooting, but they can also have additional features such as touchscreen compatibility or waterproofing.

from 14 EUR to 142 EUR
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Hunting hats. Hats for hunting. Hats for hunters.

Hats and caps

Hunting hats come in suitable colors and are made from high-tech breathable materials that provide warmth even during long hours outdoors in winter or protection from the sun on hot days.

from 3 EUR to 102 EUR
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Hunting collars

The hunting shawl collar is an easy and comfortable way to add extra warmth to your outfit, while being able to remove it whenever you want.

from 5 EUR to 38 EUR
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Hunting headbands

Hunting headbands come in camouflage colors and are made of high-quality, warming and breathable materials for maximum comfort in cold and wind.

from 14 EUR to 32 EUR
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Hunting belts.

The comfort of a belt is extremely important for freedom of movement during hunting. The hunting belts in this catalog are of high quality and specially designed for maximum comfort.

from 8 EUR to 86 EUR
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Hunting socks.

To complete your full set of high-quality hunting attire, choose good camouflage socks – wool, cotton, breathable, or insulated socks.

from 4 EUR to 49 EUR
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Hunting shoes

Hunting shoes

A wide variety of hunting shoes with GORE-TEX and WINDTEX membranes, Vibram soles, waterproof and/or breathable, extremely durable and comfortable. Enjoy your hunting experience in the snow with winter hunting boots

from 96 EUR to 350 EUR
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Impregnating products

These are products that will make almost any fabric waterproof and mask the human odors that make animals run away from you.

from 10 EUR to 30 EUR
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Hunting gaiters

Waterproof, thorn-resistant, easy to put on and with a stable fastening, hunting gaiters from the Hunting Shop will turn hunting in bad conditions into a real pleasure.

from 48 EUR to 110 EUR
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Hunting rubber boots.

Waterproof hunting boots, made from durable and reliable rubber, ensuring warm and dry feet even in the wettest, muddiest, and snowiest conditions. You will find hunting boots with neoprene or insulation, both short and tall rubber boots for hunting.

from 31 EUR to 79 EUR
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Boot bags

Waterproof, quick-drying and comfortable, Hunting Shop boot bags will give you complete convenience when carrying and storing dry and wet boots and boots before or after hunting.

from 21 EUR to 24 EUR
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Hunting GPS. GPS for hunting dogs

Hunting dog GPS's are what you need to locate the dog's location on a map and get to it quickly and easily.

from 245 EUR to 1003 EUR
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Beepers for hunting. Beepers for hunting dogs.

Beepers for hunting dogs will help you know exactly where your helper is, even when you are unable to see him in dense forest or fog.

from 6 EUR to 397 EUR
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Sound decoys for hunters

Quality sound decoys will save you chasing the game and make it come to the place where you are waiting.

from 27 EUR to 184 EUR
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Leashes and leads for dogs

At the Hunting Shop Favia, we stock a wide variety of textile and leather leashes and leads for hunting dogs with specially designed designs for the comfort of the animal and the functionality that every hunter needs.

from 5 EUR to 36 EUR
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Vests for dogs

Specialized signal vests for hunting dogs will allow you to see your dog from afar, even in fog, in the winter forest or in the dark hours of the day. They have a comfortable design and lightweight fabrics to provide maximum care for your pet.

from 25 EUR to 218 EUR
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Backpacks for hunters

Comfortable and practical backpacks are extremely important for pleasant hunting. The models of hunting backpacks made of leather or special textiles are diverse and provide different functionalities, so you can choose the right one for you.

from 17 EUR to 265 EUR
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Hunting bags.

The hunting bags in our catalog are smaller or larger, made of natural leather or high-tech fabrics. All of them are designed specifically for hunters, so you can rely on them in any situation.

from 9 EUR to 152 EUR
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Thermal bags and mats. Thermal bags for boots and dogs. Beds for feet and pets.

Here you will find a collection of selected, quality thermal bags for boots and dogs, as well as warming mats for feet or pets in the car.

from 53 EUR to 107 EUR
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Cases for rifles

The rifle cases in our special section are of high quality and perfect functionality. The luxurious models are made of genuine leather and have beautiful hunting decorations. Textile cases are light, practical and comfortable, even if you have to wear them all day.

from 8 EUR to 346 EUR
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Rifle Straps

Here you will find quality rifle straps made of genuine leather or special fabric, with exceptional strength and durability, non-slip and adjustable.

from 7 EUR to 35 EUR
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Optics for hunters. High quality rifle scopes.

High-quality Italian rifle scopes will guarantee perfect visibility at a distance and an ideal sight for the conditions in which you hunt.

from 23 EUR to 457 EUR
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Document cases and wallets - gifts for hunters

Quality, comfortable, waterproof document cases - this is what every hunter needs during the hunt. Our hunting wallets are made of genuine leather, with master craftsmanship and beautiful thematic decorations, compact and extremely convenient to carry in the pocket.

from 3 EUR to 46 EUR
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Glasses for hunters

Specialized shooting and hunting glasses will increase visibility in fog and dark weather, allow you to see the target more clearly and provide protection for your eyes when shooting.

from 8 EUR to 20 EUR
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Keychains for hunters

Every hunter would be happy if he could carry his favorite hunting trophy with him. Our great hunting keychains with dog, deer, wild boar, partridge, rabbit and other animals will make him really happy and remind him of his favorite activity every day.

from 6 EUR to 13 EUR
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Hunting Flasks

Here you will find hunting flasks with a leather case, as well as metal flasks with embossed images of animals or mountains that all hunters like. The hunting flask is an exceptional convenience for every hunter.

from 4 EUR to 16 EUR
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